Motorized Roller Shades

Bi-directional motors: Designed for safety & comfort

CBM motorized treatments do not require any pre-wiring and/or specialized brackets therefore making the installation seamless. Equipped with status feedback, motors report the shade status & battery health back to the control device ensuring reliable operation and precise control.

Designed specifically for CBM hardware, our motors can be adapted to all our shades as well as fascia and cassette options. With 12V DC & built in rechargeable battery options, we are able to offer suitable solutions for residential as well as commercial projects.

Motorized treatments completely eliminate accessible cords and beas chains, therefore offering the safest solution for households with kids and pets.

Available Shade Type: Standard/ Top Down


 Precise Control
 Option of External& Rechargeable Batteries
 Intergrated Repeater

 Scene Control
 Smartphone & Tablet Control (iOS & Android)
 Speed Regulation

 Timer Control
 Voice control with Siri, Alexa and    Google Home
 Status Feedback

Control Options:

    Hand Held transmitters      Surface Mount        App Control       Voice Activated      

Fascia Options:

     Square Valance       Round Cassette        Square Cassette       E90 Enclosure      

Bottom Bar Options:

       Welded           Oval            Flat         C20 Silent Rail      

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