1" Aluminum










Slat size available: 1"

Type of material: Alloy H19 in 0.008" thickness extruded locally in Canada.

1" blinds carry a comprehensive lifetime warranty and are guaranteed to have uniform characteristics, rigidity & edge-to-edge paint flow.

Feature a crash proof cord lock and a clutch wand tilter.

Ladders and cord used in our blinds are made with the highest quality yarn and are guaranteed not to stretch.

Available in 10 colours & smooth or brushed finish to offer you great variety and choice.


Wand tilter is standard, cord tilter is not available.

Hold down brackets - secure the blind to door or window sill.

Undersized - Blinds from 9" - 12", tilter in center, no lift option.

Valances - Insert valance with clips comes standard.

2 on 1, 3 on 1 headrail -  Multiple blinds on one headrail.

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